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International Driving Permit (only for Life Members)

Are you frequently travelling abroad ?. You need to have an IDP. AASI can issue IDP immediately.

Re - Registrations

For Re - Registration of Vehicles , AASI will guide with the procedures and help you.


Transfer of Ownership

It is an offence not to Register it in your name. AASI is empowered to do the transfer. Contact AASI for procedures for effecting the Transfer of ownership.


Change of Address

It ia an offence to keep the old Address still in the licence.... Do you want to change the address in your Driving Licence ? AASI will help you in doing that and get your Licence changed with the New Address.

Hypothecation Cancellation

Have you paid ur money in full ?To Get your car ownership in your name without any hazzles, AASI will do the needful.


Renewal of Licence

Driving with an Expired Licence is equally an offence like driving without licence. AASI reminds u in advance and helps you to renew the licence.


Lost your Driving Licence !

AASI helps you when you are in a situation of having Lost your Driving Licence. Get the Duplicate Licence with the help of AASI.

Service provider
Telephone Number
My TVS (For Tamilnadu)
28511839; 28521162

Revalidation of vehicles

AASI helps you to revalidate your old vehicle

  • Itinerary
  • Distance Certificates
    (For Commercial Purpose) (only for Life Members)
  • Carnet De passage
    (For touring abroad in vehicle)


Going to places without knowing the way

Are you travelling to an unknown place without knowing the route? AASI provides you a Detailed Route Information GUIDE