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Road Safety

Attention Two Wheeler Riders
Guidelines for your own safety
Riding on a Two wheeler you are Most vulnerable Save Yourself and others by Safe and defensive driving.
Check Vehicle condition particularly Brake, Tyre Presssure, Light, Horn Clutch before starting the vehicle for the day.

Wear Helmet fixing the chain strap properly for your bare head cannot bear a fall on the Road. Wearing it and carrying it may be inconvenient.  But not wearing it, is not worth the risk of dying or living like a Vegetable.Be specially careful while carrying a pillion passenger.  Do not make him or her suffer for your mistake.

Drive on left side of the Road leaving the centre of the road for cars and avoid zig zag driving.

Signal your intentions clearly and well in advance and follow traffic signals correctly.

Do Not Turn Abruptly and Don’t take chances.
When Vehicles wait for signal or due to some Block, que up and  do not go infringing opposite vehicle’s right of way.

Space in between moving vehicles is left for avoiding collision and do not ride in that Gap.

Speed limit of 40 km per hour is only the maximum limit and speed depends on traffic and road condition.
On the road traffic situation can change at any time and hence alertness is a must.
Anticipate and make allowance for the mistake of other users.
Respond properly to what you see in the mirror.

Vehicle cannot stop at the same place where you brake and this stopping distance will increase with the speed.

Treat every junction as ‘Halt and Go’ Point and slow down well before approaching the junction.
Never overtake on Bridges, Junctions, Pedestrian Crossing, School Zones and in places marked with yellow lines.
Overtaking on left is never right.
Do not talk on cell phone while driving.  Park and Talk.

Be prepared always to give way even if it is your right of way for courtesy and consideration will make your trip peaceful and pleasant.

Give Way to pedestrian at pedestrian crossing.

Stop at stop line when signal turns from green to amber and do not start

before amber becomes green again.

Attention Car Drivers
When you are driving a Car

When starting from parked place watch out, signal and then proceed.

Give way to pedestrians at  pedestrain  crossing.

Restrict speed according to Traffic conditions.

Signal your intentions clearly and well in advance and follow traffic signals correctly.

Remember that braking distance increases steeply with speed.
Be cautious and slow while going in the school zone.

Overtaking in bridges, cutting yellow lines and in junctions can result in head on collision.

Overtaking in right only is right.
Stop at Traffic signal even when green treen turns to Amber.
In signal points and traffic hold ups que up without overtaking.
Fasten Seat Belt.

Keep children in the rear seat only.

Horn only when you must.

Dip and Dim your light while driving in night to prevent accident arising out of Dazzling light.


Defensive Driving is ‘Driving expecting the unexpected’. You have to drive giving allowance for other road users behaviour. The National Safety Council of U.S.A defines Defensive Driving as ‘Driving to save lives, time and money inspite of the conditions around you and the actions of others’.


Defensive driving is discipline driving. Defensive drivers must exhibit patience, cooperation and courtesy.

As a Member of AASI we request you be a Defensive Driver and take

a pledge to observe Rules of the Road for Self discipline is the sure

way for Road Safety.


I accept that everyone’s life is precious

And that I owe it as a duty to not to injure or

Cut short the life of any individual by my careless

Use of the road in any manner

I solemnly pledge that I will abide by the rules of the road

Whether I walk or ride a vehicle