Concession Avilable for AASI Members

* Lubricants and Automobile Spare parts in selected shops.
* Insurance Premium
( upto Rs.200)
* Room Tariffs in
selected Hotels

All these and Many more new benefits in Future are available. JOIN AASI NOW !

( “ MONDAY – FRIDAY 10.00 A.M TO 5.00 P.M (Excluding 1.00 P.M. to 2.00 P.M.) SATURDAY - 10.00 A.M. TO 1.00 P.M.” )

Class of Membership
Entrance Fee
(applicable GST )
Membership Fee
(applicable GST)
Addl. Vehicle charge
(applicable GST )

Sl.No.1. Life (for Family)

below 65 yrs

Rs. 2000 Rs.8000 Covers two Vehicles. If addl. vehicle has to be covered addl. vehicle charges has to be paid. per vehicle Rs.800

65 yrs and above

Rs. 2000 Rs.4000 per vehicle Rs.800
Sl.No.2. Life (for Firm) Rs.4000 Rs.16000 per vehicle Rs.2000
Sl.No.3. Annual Membership
(for Individual)
Rs. 2000 Rs. 1000 Membership is for a calendar year and covers only one vehicle per Car Rs.250 per
Two Wheeler Rs. 150
Sl.No.4. Individual Life Membership

Rs. 2000

Rs. 2000
Rs. 4000

Rs. 2000
Services only for himself Per vehicle Rs.800/-

FREE for Life Members : At the time of joining, one metal badge, for fitment in the vehicle will be given.

Important points to be noted:

  1. If vehicle to be covered is registered in the name of Company,only corporate membership is allowed.
  2. In case of group companies, separate corporate membership for each company has to be availed. Single membership for group companies is not permitted.
  3. In case of corporate membership two representatives nominated only can avail service in respect of individual service.
  4. All services can be availed only on production of Membership Card.
  5. 50% concession for Disabled Person.

All you need to do be enrolled as a Member of AASI is to pay the amount preferably in cash or DD and can be also paid by Credit Card ( Visa, Master Card and Citibank Card ) for the relevant amount favouring AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN INDIA with the following details :
Note : For card payment Comission Charges of Rs.500 will be added.You can download the form.For any further enquiry or clarification contact AASI.

* Membership Application Form
Data for AASI Membership
* Vehicle Details
* Driving License Details