Declaration By the Proposer
I understand that after making the purchase of this life insurance policy, the company (i.e. www.easyinsuranceindia.com) and I would take the following actions :
  1. I need to fill the proposal form and other required forms that the company would be requesting me to fill.
  2. The proposal form needs to be accepted by the underwriters of the insurance company.
  3. I may have to undergo medical test if the insurance company requires me to do so.
  4. If I am denied of life cover, the company would refund my money in full as soon as the decision for such denial is made (within 60 days max)
  5. The company would refund my money in full if I decide not to purchase my policy and the insurance company have not started the process of issuing my policy.
  6. If the policy is issued, and I decide to cancel within 15 days of look up period, I will inform the insurance company and the insurance company would refund my money on my request to cancel the policy.
  7. I hereby declare and agree that the statements and this declaration made under this proposal will be the basis of the contract of assurance between me and the insurance company, and that if any statement is untrue or inaccurate, or if any matter that might influence the terms of this proposal is not disclosed, the contract shall be absolutely null and void and all premiums so far paid in respect of this contract shall stand forfeited to the company.
  8. I further agree that I will inform the company, if, between the date of this proposal and the date of acceptance of the proposal (issue of the first premium receipt). * there is any change in my general health, occupation, or financial position, or * any other proposal or application to any other Insurance company on my life is declined, or accepted other than on standard terms, so that the company may reconsider the terms of acceptance. I also understand that if I fail to do so, the company may treat the contract as void and all premiums paid will be forfeited to the company.
  9. I authorize and direct any doctor, hospital or employer to disclose to the Insurance Company, any information relating to my health or employment.
  10. Further, I declare that the statements in this Proposal are true and disclose all information, which is material to the contract.