International Driving Permit

  1. International driving permit will be issued only to life members who possess valid Indian driving licence by AASI office directly only in TamilNadu & Karnataka.
  2. Local address should have been entered in the Indian driving licence for the issue of International driving permit.
  3. The validity of the IDP from the date of issue is one year or up to the validity of the Indian driving licence which ever is earlier.
  4. 4 unmounted straight looking passport size photographs taken with in 6 months are required
  5. Application should be in the prescribed form.
  6. Original passport must be submitted for verification and return. Xerox copy of the Passport and Visa also required.
  7. Original driving licence should be submitted along with application.Xerox copy of the DL is required.
  8. Medical Certificate in Form 1 A of M.V. Act with photo and Doctor´┐Żs signature and seal across the photo.
  9. Fees Rs.2150/- (inclusive of GST).
  10. Applicant's presence is compulsory at the time of collection of IDP.
  11. IDP is essential for taking car on rental in U.S.
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Overseas Medi-Claim Policy

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Procedure For

Getting IDP

Becoming a Member in AASI
Form 4A
Form of Application for issue of International Driving Permit to Drive a Motor Vechicle in other Countries.

Form 1A
Medical Certificate in Respect of an Applicant for Obtaining a International Driving Permit