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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy

A directors and officers (D&O) insurance policy provides coverage against third party litigation.

These policies typically provide defense costs and pay certain judgements entered against officers and directors. The policy is normally obtained by the business entity which owns the policy and pays the required premium.

Generally, directors and officers are the persons legally responsible for managing the affairs of the company and through whom the company can legally act.

In many jurisdictions, it is the role of the person and not his title which determines whether or not he is a director or officer.

“Officer” in addition to the directors will normally include “Managers” who are managing the affairs of the company

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As Directors or Officers it is likely that they have a number of responsibilities and duties in their official capacity falling into the following four categories
Claimants in D&O Litigation
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Any of the following could give rise to a Directors and Officers Liability Claims
However policy will pay on behalf of the Directors and Officers
Claims Provisions
Advancement of Costs and Expenses
Claim Examples
Policy Terms & Conditions – A Check List
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